Welcome to Peachique!

Unique Leather Lighter Cases with a WOW-moment.

Welcome to Peachique, a small company with me, Natalie as the only member.
I grew up in Sweden but always had a passion for traveling and seeing different cultures and in 2014 I decided to move out of Sweden and across the Atlantic Ocean to sunny California. After spending a little over a year in California, I moved to Hawaii for about a year, and then to Florida for little over a year, but finally decided to move back to where my heart belongs - Los Angeles, California.

I’m known for creating unique leather lighter cases that can’t be found elsewhere. I focus on the details, and like to take my products to the next level, to make sure that there’s a “wow-moment” with every product that goes into my store.

I do my work either at my craft station in my small apartment or sitting on my patio with my puppy and some music, enjoying the breeze and fresh air.

At the beginning of 2016 I moved to Hawaii where I started brainstorming on how to put my inner creative child to work. As I started crafting I realized it made me feel very proud of myself and my work, and my crafting and ideas grew and grew, and are still growing every day. I ultimately decided to sell my leather lighter cases as they are truly unique and no similar handcrafted product can be found elsewhere.

I’m inspired every day by “My Happy Place”, where I go when I get to use my creative imagination to design and create new products. I put my heart into every single lighter case that I make and can spend hours making sure I’m proud to present the product to my customers. I use only small leather scraps that would otherwise go to waste. Using scraps also allows me to keep my prices down and to make many unique pieces in different textures and colors every time.

My dream is for people all over the world to enjoy my products, and to be known as a very personal and loving small business where you can always reach out to me as an owner to ask questions, or just keep a dialogue about the products and customer service.

THANK YOU for stopping by my store and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions, feedback or stories to share with me!

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